“There is no honor among thieves….except for us of course.” Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad

My head has not been under a rock so even though I don’t watch television I’ve heard the walterwhitegood vibrations about Breaking Bad.

At the Telluride Film Festival over Labor Day a fellow line-stander was going to forego a movie premiere because he wanted to watch the second-to-last episode. “Haven’t you heard of Tivo?” I said. “Yeah, but I really want to watch it in real time.”

I’d listened to Terry Gross’s interview with Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White, plus read the New Yorker profile of him. And I even went to an evening at the LA Public Library with Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, for which the audience was 50 percent younger and 200 percent hipper than usual for such events. Gilligan, who previously wrote for the X-Files originally wanted to write for the movies, but found he much preferred the group effort involved in television to the solitude of screenwriting.

A horrible week long cold finally got me off the dime and I’ve been as out of control as Jesse Pinkman’s substance addicted friends.

The marathon watching reminds me of earlier bouts watching The Wire and, before that, Foyle’s War. One of the reasons in fact, that it somehow feels okay to sit out a cultural event in real time these days is that you can always go back and catch up.

And it’s great to know that fabulous storytelling is alive and well. I’m already into the final season, Season 5, and am just loving the great characters, and the convoluted story line and the moral complications. All the havoc that is wrought by one man’s decisions…and the extent to which everyone around him is ensnared…

The role of a lifetime for Bryan Cranston, who even got a tattoo of the show’s logo between his fingers.

Happy this addiction has an end point and I won’t have to do any 12-step nonsense.

And happier still that I’ve got a few episodes yet to go.


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