Grandma Breaks the Law…

ticket“I got a speeding ticket!”

Mama called a couple weeks ago with the newsflash. She wasn’t really upset, just intrigued with the novelty of the experience. My mother, who turned eighty this year, was driving home from teaching ballet–she hung up the toe shoes a few years ago– when they caught her with the radar gun.

“The officer was really nice. He asked if there was some special reason I was going fast. I said, ‘No, I was just listening to the radio.’”

The officer thanked her for being so nice.

She thanked him for being so nice.

I laughed and asked, “Have you ever gotten a ticket before?”

“I think so….Maybe I got one fifty years ago.”

Hah. “It won’t be on your record then. But you will need to do traffic school so your insurance doesn’t go up.”

Did traffic school myself a couple years ago….when I got the ticket I didn’t thank the fellow, nor he me!….and explained a bit how online school works. “Daddy can help you with the computer part of it.”

Turns out Daddy helped out with more than that. They went down to the court together to figure out how to work it out.

Good news for Grandma, it’s still possible to do in-person traffic school. It’s held at an elementary school, usually eight to 12 in the classroom. So that’s how she’s spending her Saturday. “I got the book, so I can study ahead of time,” she said.

“Make sure to pay special attention to the alcohol information,” I said. “You don’t drink so it won’t feel relevant, but there will be test questions on that.

“And make sure to sit in the front so you can hear.



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