“Million Dollar Listing starts at 9:00 in case you want to watch”

Jessamyn texted that to me a couple weeks ago.doll

So I got on the remote control.

Sent her so many questions…“Are you sure? What channel?”…that she probably regretted giving me the heads up. “Are you SURE? Looks like it already started….”

“Well, maybe the time is different in Los Angeles, but I doubt it.”

Time IS different here as it turns out.

But I had decided I was going to watch some reality television….and so I wanted to watch some reality television.  “My Strange Addiction” jumped out at me. What is this about?

Man, oh man….In case I ever complain….about the lawyer bills, or the jack hammering on the sidewalk, or the stain the dry cleaner can’t get out, or the repair person who doesn’t show up….I need to stop it right now!

The most “normal” person here is the woman who sucks her thumb. There’s the woman who eats sofa cushions, the woman who dresses in fur suits, and the mother who eats kitchen cleanser. (She’s ruined all of her teeth.) There’s the man who considers himself “married” to a life-size latex doll and the one who eats glass.

My laundry was getting folded and the bills written out.

These people are clearly troubled, and getting them to counseling is part of the point. But in some aspects of their life they function more or less normally. They could be your neighbors, or your cousins. Which is, of course, also the point. Two strange additions per show and the gimmick is generally an intervention with a friend or family member and a meeting with a counselor. The person tries to control the addiction, and generally fails miserably.

Makes Beverly Hills Pawn….in which the rich sell baubles in Beverly Hills seem normal and accessible.

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