Order me the entrée with the unpronounceable ingredients. Get me to a country where I POUNDhaven’t been. Let’s go to the coffee shop without 2,000 locations.

I like to try the new. The unusual. Until recently I didn’t even own a black handbag. Do have several totes made from crocheted plastic bags. And while I work to stay in shape, I think I’ll scream if I have to do another sit-up.

So during a spin class at the Peaks in Telluride, instructor Lyn talked up Pound, the new workout that uses weighted neon-green drumsticks and great music. If it would get me half-way to the body she’s got…. I was already there.

“The first class is Monday morning,” she said. “It’s a lot more fun if there’s a bunch of people. We get to make a lot of noise!”

Among other things, I’ve tried Soul Cycle, TRX, trapeze, pole dancing, riding my bicycle 100 miles, indoor skydiving, and at least 31 flavors of yoga. Sticks to hit things with? Making noise while getting in shape? Sign me up! Pound was founded not so long ago by Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom—music enthusiasts, drummers, and fitness gurus—as a way to combine their passions for themselves and others.

The online Peaks schedule was out of date, so I called to confirm the time. I set an alarm and got my sorry self there plenty early. What if they run out of sticks!

Confirmed at the front desk which studio to go to. But when I arrived there were mats and fit balls and Bosu balls all set up.

“Did you hear?” said the woman in blue, “the instructor is sick. So instead of Pound, Alyssa is going to give us a core workout.”


You can dress them up, you can put them on crackers, you can do them on fitballs, you can call them crunches….but I know a sit-up when I see one!

Get me some Ripstix, I’d like to hit something!
“I’ll bet you can find Pound classes in LA,” said a friend.

True enough.

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