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How the dickens is a gal supposed to have time for bikini waxes when there is the carpoolCalifornia DMV to contend with?

First off it was the parking ticket that came in the mail. Venice Beach? I hardly ever go there. Turned out it was for my old car. DMV had mistakenly sent the ticket to me.

Wanted an apology, but had to make due with sending them proof I don’t own the car anymore.

Good reason to own the Prius Hybrid is that in you are entitled to a sticker for the carpool lane with one person in the car. Sent in my application. It bounced back. The dealer had registered the car improperly with the state, showing it as a gas guzzler. Got that sorted out. Went over everything. Sent the application in AGAIN.

Bounced back again.

Form said I live at a different address than the car.


It seems that my carpool application says “Third” street. And my car registration says “3rd” street.

Really! Any fool knows those are the same things. If an application says “st.” instead of “street” does it also get send back? Went down to my friendly AAA store.

“We can reissue you a title, but this will cost $19.”

“Can I just cross out ‘third’ and write 3rd?”

“No. No crossouts allowed.”

A Brazilian bikini wax would be relaxing in comparison.

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