“You sure are a multi-tasker!”

Comment came from the guy in front of me at the Peet’s line.multi-tasking

Sure enough many things in hand and mind as I prepare to leave later today for Asia. Wanted to ride with my pals as usual, but settled instead for walking on the Strand….wouldn’t want an errant flat tire to make me miss my flight.

Earbuds are in my ears….latest podcast to keep me informed and on an even keel. I’ve found that being read to is calming sometimes.

Since for some reason I seem to think that when I get ready to leave town I should leave everything behind super-organized.

“Just trying to get a few things done before I leave town,” I told Peets-guy.

“Let’s see,” he said, “….you’ve got headphones in. You are writing out greeting cards. You’re holding oatmeal in your arms. Plus the computer.”

Surprised he didn’t also notice the newspaper.

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