Boob Bumps…

“You might find this interesting,” wrote a dear friend…formaldehyde

“All of my bras are old and ill-fitting. So two weeks ago I went to Victoria’s Secret to buy new bras. Never bought any before there before but thought I’d treat myself. They were very helpful with fit and I bought 4.

“Wore one of them. At end of second day was very itchy. Boob rash–not comfortable!!

“Didn’t know if it was what the bra was made of or something in it that would wash out. Washed it. Thought I’d try it again when the rash went away.  Took 5 uncomfortable days to stop itching and I can still see where the rash was. I decided it was not worth trying them again. Thought I should just return them all. Two hundred dollars. I hope I can get it back.

“Went on the internet last night and thought I’d see if others had this problem. Lots of people have had the problem and much worse than me!! Rashes that last for months and scarring, lawsuits, etc.

Seems that maybe formaldehyde is used to make the bras in China.” Formaldehyde is used in fabrics to prevent wrinkles. It’s a known allergen and carcinogen and illegal in many countries, though not in the US. “VS denies using it.

“Looks like I’m back to square one in the bra department.”

Good thing no one worries much about wrinkles in panties.

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