Manti Te’o…the head scratching continues

The big Manti Te’o interview with Katie Couric aired today, aiming to set the record straight about the dead girlfriend hoax. No, he didn’t know it was a fake. Yes he is naïve. No, he is not gay. Yes, he lied in December. No, not to help his Heisman chances. Yes, his parents love him.

Tears? You bet.

As with the last week’s Lance Armstrong interview, though, the viewer is left with all kinds of questions and no sense of satisfaction. Unlike much of reality tv, there is no neat bow around the story; it’s still messy and oozing around the edges.

There’s one point no one seems to be talking about though:

Although Manti Te’o’s  girlfriend was fake he says his emotional pain “was all real and that’s something I can’t fake.”

To me, that is the truest part of the story. When everyone last week that the whole girlfriend story was a hoax, there was anger and a sense of being somehow manipulated, and that it was all an act. But if Manti thought his girlfriend had died, of course he felt shattered.

We’ve all been upset by bad news. And then learned the bad news was a mistake….that worry and upset, though is real.

As is the head scratching that continues after the Katie interview.

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