Lance Armstrong: Will he? Or Won’t he?

The big Lance Armstrong confession to Oprah Winfrey airs tomorrow. She prepped for the interview with him unlike she has in years. 121 prepared questions.

Is it too little, too late?

We know it’s all about him, his reputation, his legal situation, his money, his ability to compete in sports professionally. His efforts to restore whatever wisps of reputation he can.

He’s trashed so many people along the way, people who had served him so well, would do anything for him, except lie. And yet we want to watch.

There is no innate value in his confession –the “integrity is what you do when no one is looking” aspect—because of course everyone has been looking for a very long time. When no one was looking, Lance Armstrong took all manner of illegal substances and strong-armed unwilling teammates to do the same.

Lance Armstrong is not doing this because he wants to. He is doing it because he has to. The wagons circled ages ago. The long lawyer knives have been after him for a while now, wanting just flesh, but millions of dollars in prize and other monies that he collected illegally.

Oprah is hinting that the confession is not satisfying, more of a Jodie Foster ‘sort-of’ coming out story, than a full-on let it hang out confession. That would be consistent with Lance’s desire to control every possible aspect of his world.

Like lots of folks, I’ve been pissed at Lance for a long time.  (And the Livestrong cancer stuff, while good work, is all built on his falsely-earned reputation.)

I just don’t want my heroes to have clay feet. Decades later, still remember how sad it made me to learn that MLK was a philanderer.

But I suppose that says more about me than about than heroes.

Clay feet, nearly all of them.

At least no one has come out with dirt on Mother Theresa.

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