Perfect Pumps Strut their Stuff…

Not only do the perfect black pumps now reside in my closet, I do take them on outings. Happy to report that field-testing confirms my instant in-store opinion.

Wore them to an all-day meeting. No problem at all.

While snagging a picture I decided to read the online reviews of these Gucci, exclusive to Saks, pumps. They are all about the gush. Two reviewers said that after they wore them the first time, they went back and ordered every color. Thinking about doing that myself, but need to check the piggy bank and organize some good places to wear them.

Meantime, though, I’ve come up with a new party game.

Guests who come by…I offer to let them try on my shoes. People are amazed at how comfortable they are.

I just need to keep an eye out, make sure they don’t walk out the door.

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