Perfect Black Pumps…The hunt continues

Stuart Weitzman, too pointy and shiney

“These are more comfortable than I expected.” I’m at Christian Louboutin in South Coast Plaza teetering in their “simple heels”. 85 mm high. They say that is 3 inches. I say it’s 3 and 1/3 inches.

“People expect uncomfortable,” says the woman, “but that’s before they try them.”

“They ARE uncomfortable,” I say, “just less uncomfortable than I expected.”

The quest for the perfect black pump has taken me all over the Internet and into the field at South Coast Plaza. At Saks I want to try a Stuart Weitzman, and “Irena,” a low-ish elegant Jimmy Choo.

The woman first got me a pretty Prada in suede. OUCH. The Weitzman they have only in croc patent and it’s too high. Too high is the story of my life. The Jimmy Choo “Irena” they have a single pair, six 6. That actually encourages me. Maybe other people also find them

Pretty, but my feet objected.


At the Stuart Weitzman boutique, not a single pair of pumps—any color!—in a size 9. At the Jimmy Choo boutique, patent leather far the eye can see. And no black in my size either. She gives me a nude pair to try for size.

I like them.

Quite nice. Elegant, high enough to work leg magic, but low enough—65 mm—to walk in easily. “I can order the black pair from our Las Vegas store.”  But no kid leather in their stores. “Perhaps at Nordstrom,” suggests the saleswoman.

I should’ve worn my hiking boots!

Although the selection at Nordstrom here is much better than in Redondo Beach, there’s still nothing. “Women just want those super high heels”. Cole Haan seems to have stopped making the G Series I liked a few years ago.

As long as I’m here, I peek in Roger Vivier, where it’s all about the buckle. Christian Louboutin, where fashion goes to hang out and they won’t let you take pictures. At Marni the shoes look made for robots. Ferragamo has a nice kitten heel. But I want—need pumps for a big meeting coming up.

At least I found one I like. The Jimmy Choo “Irena.” Now I just need to find it in my size, in black, in kid leather.

Wish me luck!

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