The Perfect Black Pump

I love color. Give me purple. Give me green. Give me orange!!  Color blocking was invented

not exactly what I’m looking for.

just for me.

I use black as an accent, not a basic.

A year ago I realized I didn’t have a black purse. Even I, queen of the color wheel, need a black purse.

So I went out to buy a black handbag.

Came home with a purple handbag.

(Insert shrug here).

I choose to see this not as poor discipline, by the way, but rather that I am open to the wonderful things life has on offer.

So I expect a bit of a challenge in the hunt for black pumps. Even I—who STILL don’t have a black handbag—need black pumps. I’ve been wearing my old-reliable Pradas for eight years, but their sun has set. The big gold buckle, the gold heel, are those VINTAGE shoes?  And they gave me a blister last time I wore them. Maybe they can read my mind about being replaced.

Here’s what I want:

A pretty, feminine pump. No glitter or glitz or hardware. Not too pointy. Not too high. No platform. No wedge. COMFORTABLE. Not too round a toe. No peeping toes. Toe cleavage? Must we? Just a nice slightly round toe. Elegant heel. Hoping to not break the bank, but if I wear shoes for eight years, I think that qualifies as “wardrobe investment.”

Did I mention COMFORTABLE?

A nice basic black pump.

Am I asking too much?

Come back to find out.

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