Drastic Weather requires Drastic Measures

No coasting for East Coasters week.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge…the engagement with cars just begins.

Jessamyn, my East Coaster, is charmed. She never even lost power, only cable and Internet for a few hours, although the wind and rain were so overwhelming she said she couldn’t even hear the television news, telling her about the high wind.

For today the question was, How to get to work. “I’m thinking about driving.”

“Probably not a good idea.” Unfortunately mothers are free with advice, even when not asked.

“I could walk. It’s five miles.”

“That would take you 90-120 minutes.”


She had heard me of course. “What about a bus?”

“The bus I need isn’t operating yet.”

“Rode Bike.” She texted me this morning. “Very stressful. No traffic lights!”
We spoke after she got home this evening. Everyone who tried to drive to work apparently turned around after about 90 minutes of frustration. Bloomberg is now going to require three people to a car to drive into Manhattan. “About six of us,” out of seventeen, “made it in. The others mostly live in Manhattan, don’t have power and were just happy to be somewhere with electricity.”

“No electricity means no traffic lights, which means really scary,” she said.

“So are people following the politeness rules: You take a turn, We take a turn?”

“This is NEW YORK. Of course not!”

Jessamyn bought a bicycle after our spring biking trip. She and the other beginners in the group called themselves the Chicklets to our Biker Chicks. I was proud she wanted to keep riding, but this wasn’t what we had in mind after pedaling the beautiful scenery in Tuscany.

“How did you manage with no stop lights?”

“One street is big, the cross street is small. Basically drivers on the main street just keep

driving until someone on the little street is ballsy enough to just drive out into the fray. I came home a slightly different route than going. Took nearly an hour. I’m a sweaty exhausted mess.”

Jessamyn is now officially promoted from Chicklet to Biker Chick.

Her Biker Chick socks are in the mail.

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