Did you Watch the Presidential Debate?

Bet you did….even though I don’t know who you are.

Although part of me objects to all the posturing, the packaging, and the pomposity…not to mention the testosterone overload, like dozens of young Jack Russell terriers given free rein, a bigger part of me loves both the actual fact of the debate and that you and I, and nearly all of our friends, are watching. (If the guys would actually answer the questions that are asked I’d like it even better.)

But with two big sports events on on Monday—Monday Night Football and the seventh game of the match up between the Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals to determine who was going to the World Series—the third presidential debate was the winner by a huge margin. In the contest: Football vs Baseball vs Politics, the score was 10 Million to 8 Million to 59 Million.

If this were an election, we wouldn’t even need a run-off. Even though as usual, the third debate was the least watched of the three.

Makes me proud.

But I wonder….I watched on my computer, not the television.

So did I get counted?


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