European Wax…What’s so European?

Survived my European Wax experience….not at all clear what’s European…no foreign nose-hairlanguages spoken, no European currencies accepted.

Friend Wendy agreed with my pain experience, “I was bleeding for THREE DAYS…I’m NEVER going there again…” then again Ariel, with her wax pass, didn’t understand what I was fussing was about.

And that freebie first wax? Good for men too…

“What percentage of your clientele is male?”

“Chain-wide maybe six percent,” said Amanda, “but Manhattan Beach is more, probably ten percent.”  Never noticed fashion forwardness around here, but maybe it has to do with the beach.

The free first wax for guys is brows, ears(!!) or nose.

“Nose!!” I asked. “I’ve never heard of that….how does it work?”

“It’s very popular,” she said. “We put a little wax here,” she held a stick, “place it inside the nostril, hold the nostril together briefly while it cools, then…” and she made a jerking downward motion with her hand.

Sheesh. One thing I am absolutely not going to worry about in my life.

Nose waxing.

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