“The Pink or the Blue?”

“Which shirt would you like,” says the Mom to her tween daughter, “the pink or the blue?”

“I want both.”

“You choose,” says mom,
“the pink or the blue.”

“I want them both!”

“Then we won’t get either.”

I’m walking around a sports store today between appointments. Don’t need anything, but maybe looking at the yoga clothes will have some benefits of the yoga class I won’t have time to take?

The mom/daughter interaction makes me smile, in remembrance. The two tween daughters. The frustrated mom. Each STUCK in her own position. The indecision. The mom wanting to empower, the girl wanting to push, not knowing how to make her own decisions. If she wanted two shirts, maybe she could use logic: offer to pay part of one, or do extra dishes, or get the second one NEXT WEEK.

Pushing doesn’t help anything, doesn’t she know that?

No, she doesn’t.

“There’s a pocket in the blue one,” the mom points out.

“I want BOTH.”

“Let’s just go home then.”

“Get the pink!” I call out, from under my pink flowered headband. “The pink one is really nice.” I unbutton my pink sweater.

“Thank you!” says the startled mom.

Can’t keep my mouth shut.

The girl is startled, flummoxed. Who is this interloper?

The spell of snottiness is broken, though. They are interacting differently. Clearly the girl would only act that way, thinking that no one else could hear, or see.

We parents. Whoever we are. Wherever we are.

Gotta stick together.

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