“What is a Bikini Wax, anyway?”

Had occasion just now to speak with a legal professional in the Midwest. Haven’t spoken with him in a good while.

He’d clicked on the link in my email signature to get to the blog here, which of course is the idea. He had a few nice things to say.

“But, Karen, can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“What IS a bikini wax?”

Had a bit of a hard time keeping my professional voice in place, but kinda managed.

“I’m fine talking about this, and giving you insights about bikini waxes, as long as you don’t bill me for the time!”

“Of course.”

So I explained how hair follicles are distributed all over the body, some places those lushly distributed follicles entirely welcome and sought after…top of the head for example. Other places, not so much. On women the bikini line is definitely a not-so-much appreciated hair-ea. Hot wax can be used to remove hair…sometimes lots of the hair, more hair than strictly required for bikini purposes. Apply warm wax to skin and rrrr-ip.


“Some women have more hair than others. Jeffrey Eugenides in his novel, Middlesex, came up with the term The Hair Belt–like the Sun Belt and the Bible Belt–for women from certain geographic areas…Turkey, Morocco, Greece…who seem especially blessed in the hair department.”

“Okay, but what about men? My 25 year-old daughters have talked about this, and I’ve noticed, MEN seem to be doing it. Why do men have less hair? want less hair now?”

Smiled to myself, this man has finally found someone he can ask all those embarrassing questions!

“It’s called ‘manscaping.’ Perhaps comes largely from the gay world, it’s fashion. Men are waxing and shaving heretofore hairy areas of the body. Somehow it’s seen at present as ‘clean and sophisticated.’ ”

“But what’s wrong with hair on a man’s chest?”

“To me, Nothing!”

Most decidedly I did not mention how much truly do appreciate hair on a man’s chest. Sigh.

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