Push-ups…. And I’m not talking, drop down and do some

Going over my packing list for the photo shoot.

NOT ME. That's for darn sure.

Boots. Check.

Sweaters. Check.

Coat. (Goin’ to Chicago). Check.

“A variety of necklines.” Check.

Skirts. Stockings. Heels. Check. Check. Check.

Spanx. Ah…check.

Push-up bra. Uh…Really?

Hmm. I’ve never had anything like that. Always just figured I’ve got what the Good Lord gave me and no amount of pushing or pulling or cinching or winching is going to make much difference. Then again, I am a gal who follows directions, so I tip-toed down to the lingerie store…if I’m going to get something like this, better the lingerie store than Macy’s.

“I’m supposed to get a push-up bra,” I said, “can you help me?”

And then the woman in the Norwegian glasses starts asking me questions. Like, what KIND of a push-up bra? Geez Louise. Isn’t PUSH-UP a kind in and of itself?  Apparently not specific enough. And what size? What size am I? I usually get new bras every other vernal equinox or so, so really, I don’t remember.

But now…ta-dah…I have a really pretty push-up bra. A little lace, a little smoothing, a little lifting. And get this…Push-up bras don’t just push you UP, they also push you IN.

Learn something new every day.

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  1. nancy downer says:

    Chicago?????did I miss something?

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