Gal Power…

Rode this morning with PV Bike Chicks…Great group, fearless leader Kim gave the

Amy holds her broken chain.

briefing and we were off…about a dozen of us doing a big meander around the PV peninsula and then it was up the Switchbacks. Nah, Switchbacks is not a proper name, but it is a steep long hill with, yes, lots of switchbacks. And along with my respect comes the capital letter.


Never a good sound on the bike. No, it’s not a flat.

Amy, riding in front of me, has lost her chain.

When you say “lost a chain,” it means the chain has slipped off the chain ring. It’s not really gone, as in the “plane lost an engine” does not mean you are doing hike-and-seek in search of the engine.

But in this case Amy’s chain lies there on the ground like a skinny snake as she spins her pedals, trying to keep her balance and unclip, which she does. “Who’s got a chain tool?” asks Kim.  I’m thinking….who knows how to reassemble the chain and thread it on, even with a chain tool?

KATHY DOES. I watch with respect as someone pulls out a tool. Another someone pulls out some rubber gloves—PINK rubber gloves. And Kathy squats down and professionally gets everything back where it’s supposed to be.

These are some great gals to ride with. But I’m also big into prevention. “Wasn’t this beautiful bike here recently?” asks Bike Shop guy later. “Yep,” I say, “but someone in my group had a chain break this morning and I don’t want that to be me.”

Called Nancy to tell her I’d gone by the bike shop to get checked.

“I did exactly the same thing.”

Kathy fixes a chain...and look at the yoga pose she's in to do it....

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