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cobella-londonMy head hair is shorter, perkier, and blonder, thanks to the folks at Cobella salon at Selfridge’s.

Cobella also tends bikini bits.

“Intimate waxing,” begin the euphemisms. “For hygiene and safety reasons we ask that you freshen up in our showers on arrival.” Toiletries and disposable panties are provided. “If at any time during the treatment you feel uncomfortable please let our therapist know.”

EEEEk…therapist can probably figure it out.

At Shobha in NY there’s a no double-dip policy. Here each client gets “her own pot of wax which is discarded at the end of the treatment.” More than one way to keep the bikini area cootie-free.

Terminology and spelling is also a little off. “Bikini Line—when all visible hair outside of the pantie line is removed.” Which pantie line?? Aunty Grannies? Or a stringy thingy?

“The Playboy” is “when all hair is removed from the pubic, buttock and anal area leaving a pencil wide strip of hair up and over the pubic mound.” And if that’s not enough, with Hollywood “all hair is removed from the pubic and anal area.”

Although Cobella promises all due care and safety precautions, skin can “become sore, bruised and swollen. We do not, therefore, recommend waxing in sensitive and intimate areas less than 24 hours before you need to look your best.”

All hair is not created equal….I was looking my very best when I left the salon, no 24 hours necessary.

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