SEO….= Something ExtraOrdinary?

After a year and 418 posts….now 419 posts…..I’m still a bit feeling my fun way along….

Why are certain posts more popular?

Some TOPICS are better—people like happy, or funny. Some writing is better. Pornographic Panties in the Marriage Bed….sweet story about Jeff buying me sexy panties, but I’m no fool, know it helps that “pornographic” is in the title.

I know that SEO means “search engine optimization” and that certain things are likely to generate “hits”. Learned a bit along the way. A class I went to said that “key words” are key, and that having those words in the title or the first couple of lines are very helpful in generating “hits”….

Good to know all that….integrate it somehow into the memory banks I guess and then forget it. Gone.

I want to write for you….dear friends, dear daughters, husband….who is sometimes much less dear than others….but for every woman who’s wiped a tear or had hers wiped by someone who loves her.

We’re here in this little space to laugh and smile, remember and forget. Bikini waxes and all.

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