Happy Birthday BWC!!

Hey friends….would love to offer you a piece of birthday cake….German chocolate? Red velvet? Ice cream?

Year ago today did my very first Bikini Wax Chronicles post…..first of 418 posts. Jessamyn’s move in New York, I found a suitcase on the street, helped some homeless people, total serendipity. Which has been the story of my year.

Lots of great things…have reconnected with many people….yeah, Joan, yeah, Jan, yeah, Ellie!!….Big year for moi, for the world, for all kinds of things.

Some not so good things too, but I’m workin on the positive.

What is the name about anyway?  Lots of comments at the beginning….most positive, a couple less so. Linda was pretty adamant negative at the beginning. She came around. Jeff had a couple suggestions for blog names….one was already taken, the other unprintable. I played around with names. And what I’ve found is that whenever I pass out my card–thank you Ariel!– people look twice at the blog name, to make sure they’re reading it right.

And then they laugh.

What is what I wanted. Female. Memorable. And funny.

Learned a lot in doing this….how to write shorter for one! (Remember the famous Mark Twain quote, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”) People don’t have time to read long, and I want to be a bright short spot. Great techie help from Ariel. “Blogworthy!” is now a family phrase.

Have also learned to frame things in different ways. How to think and write for deadline, even if self-imposed….and have also been intrigued to see what “sells”. Most popular post: Pornographic Panties and the Marriage Bed, about Jeff sweetly buying me some sexy panties a little while ago. Also at the top, Biking and Bikini Wax, How Long Does it Take to Ride 100 Miles, and what is certainly the longest title in my bloghood, Prevarications and propaganda, manipulations, misrepresentation, gabbing and gossip. 

Certain posts ring an instant bell. People loved my letter to Jeff, inviting him to come with me to in service to the world. And the moment my first post on Scrabble with Jill my inbox started filling up with compliments.

Everyone always happy? Nope. But I subscribe to Anne Lamott’s theory: “If people don’t want you to write (bad things) about them, then they should behave a lot better. It’s amazing when someone tells the truth.”




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