Bikini Wax 4: Manscaping

Still awaiting Rachana for my Brazilian at Shobha’s Soho location, though studying theirmanscaping “guy’s guide” is almost enough to take the mind off what’s about to happen to my lady parts.

“Guy’s Full bikini” includes “the top, sides & crack (does not include the shaft or sac areas)”


Wow….feeling like a hick here, never knew that guys were also in the market for such things. And in case you’re interested—of course you are, admit it—the guy’s full Brazilian also includes the sac, shaft, and crack areas. Ouch. And the cost for this pleasantness is $55 and $66, respectively.

And you want the butt crack?

That will be $33.

There’s a body zone guide on the Shobha website, detailing exactly what is what….The upper leg, for example, does not include the knee, lower leg DOES include the knee. Butt Cheeks + Crack = Full Butt.

And back to manscaping, there are similar precise definitions for portions of the back and chest. (A puzzle I just thought of……no mention of charging really small people less….or really large people more…..though clearly the work would be proportional.)

And how much of this does a man need? Chest hair? “Better check with your partner on that one.” Back hair? “You, my friend, must do manscaping!”

How much hair is too much? “If you are uncertain, about your manscaping needs, simply try to wrap piece of your body hair around your pinky finger. If your hair can wrap more than half way around this phalange, you need to explore maintenance options.”

I’m thinking, well sure, you are sell these services, so of course you’ll say the more the better…..when I hear my name.

“Karen, hello, I’m Rachana.

“Would you like to follow me….”

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