Shobha: The Bikini Wax Continues

shobha-sohoI’m sitting at Shobha in New York, awaiting my bikini wax with trepidation.


I’m not sitting, I’m pacing, looking at the products, the cream to prevent ingrown regrowth, the talc-free powder, the Indian-esque furnishings.

For a few minutes I stand near a woman who is having her eyebrows threaded.

“What is threading?” my mother asked once when she saw a sign on a salon. Even standing here watching the cotton thread moving at warp speed near this woman’s face it is hard to see how it works, the thread pulling out each individual hair. The spools of cotton thread are the very same Ariel would sew with. And yet, It’s like watching a magic trick done right in front of you and still you can’t figure out what’s happening.

But nothing can hold my attention for long. It’s hard not to just sit there and cross my legs.

“Nervous?” asks Jessamyn.

“A bit.”

“I always tell myself they’ve seen worse.”

Ah….ANOTHER thing to worry about. I’d been mainly thinking about discomfort. I move around again looking at products. They also do hair removal with “sugaring”, which is actually edible. Egads.

The woman at  goes to chat with Jessamyn for a second. I go see what’s up.

“They offered to take you earlier,” said Jessamyn, “but with someone else. I said you’d rather wait for Rachana. She’s really good.”

Yes, if I’m doing this, I do want “really good”.

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