Evaluating your clothes for usability sometimes requires actually wearing them. And not just in front of the mirror so Marcy can tell you stripes are not your thing.

No, actually put on the clothes and try them in battlefield conditions.

Did that with a bra just now. Ever since Jessamyn taught me about t-shirt bras I’m a total convert. Support. Smooth lines. Comfort. But there, lurking in the corners of the lingerie drawer are the oldies. Are they goodies? Or trashies? Used to love Only Hearts lace stretch bras.

And now?

Put one on and left for the day. Left on a trip. A long trip. It felt funny, but reasoned that I’ve been wearing my beloved Natoris for so long anything would feel different. But the longer I wore it, the funnier it felt. Kept having the urge to pull it down in front.

By the second leg, an overnight flight, I was mightily annoyed. Went to the plane bathroom and took the blasted thing off. And slept really well.

Haven’t gone braless much since living in Europe. But I can. It’s so liberating. One of the advantages of being “pixie petite” is there’s not so much there to flap in the wind, or get caught in revolving doors. Long as the weather doesn’t turn cold in a white t-shirt, I’m good.

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