How Much Does a Yogini Need?

What exactly should I bring to the yoga studio at the yoga retreat?

Since I dropped off my mat at the yoga space right off the bat, I shouldn’t need anything.

But because it’s Mexico and my room doesn’t have a lock on it, I take my neck pouch with my passport and cash.

Most of the other 17 folks have brought their own water bottles, instead of using the cups provided. In the interest of not kicking over water, for the next class I also bring my own.

The following class—we have two a day—I decide that the 15 minute walk on especially cobbly cobblestones requires trail shoes instead of the flip flops I’ve been picking my way along in. And who wants to wear trail shoes to lunch? So I bring the beach bag to carry the flip flops, water bottle, and neck pouch.

SLAP. I hit the devious critter on my arm. Mosquito repellant is next thing into the beach bag. We’ve all got at least a few bites, and joke about which cream or spray is more effective, which is more poisonous.

Credit card pouch goes into the beach bag next, so I can add a few dollars to my Skype account. And my phone to go with that.

Next up, reading material.

Figure before the end of the week I’ll be wheeling my whole suitcase over the cobbles down to the yoga hut.

Originally Posted: 11/10/2010

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