Let the Bikini Wax Begin….

You knew it was coming, right? Of course you did…..40-year-old-virgin

And I wouldn’t take you to some skeezy little no-name place either. While in New York Jessamyn and I went to Shobha, a hair removal salon favored by the young/hip set, even though I’m neither.

You’re wondering…Does it hurt? Well it HAS to hurt, right? How much? How embarrassing? Do you have to take everything off? And why do it anyway?

This was just before the Mexico trip, so I had the bikini excuse. After Jeff complained about my overly modest bathing suit, I got one a good bit more revealing, but alas it would be revealed at the yoga retreat and not a romantic somewhere or other.

Whenever I think of waxing, the scene from 40 Year-Old Virgin looms. “It was 100% real,” said Steve Carell of the chest waxing. “We set up five cameras because we knew there would be one take. I said it really should be for real. There’s this guy thing where love to see other men in non-life threatening pain.

“It hurt so much. I really did hurt. A lot of the women in the crew, they were aware of what was going to happen. And they are saying, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to trim your hair down a little bit? It will hurt less. Can I give you some Advil? I kept saying, “No. No. I’m fine.’ I’m fine and then halfway through I was just sweating and thought this was a bad idea.”

And they were nowhere near Steve Carrell’s delicate bikini area.

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