In love. With yoga pants.

Last summer I fell in love.

With a pair of yoga pants. They were a beautiful orange with a hand-painted design. The quality and fit were extraordinary, except for the length, which continued down to China. And they couldn’t be shortened or the painting at the bottom would be ruined. But I filed away the name, Bali Dog, and hoped to come across it again.

A couple weeks later I was poking around online, looking for local yoga resources and there was Bali Dog. In fact it was super triple local, just five minutes from my Telluride house.

“I used to have a professional space,” said Alicia Nogueira as she welcomed me to her home, “but….” She shrugged, the bum economy requiring no explanation.

Alicia is Brazilian and has everything made there. “I’ve tried manufacturing in other countries, but the quality isn’t the same.” Stunning doesn’t begin to describe these yoga clothes. Most are cotton with hand painting, in extraordinary colors and styles.

How many yoga pants does a gal need?

Forget black and navy, those don’t seem to count any more. Headed to Mexico soon, for a yoga retreat, I’m amid a serious effort to jazz up both life and yoga wardrobe.

“What do you think would look good on me?” I ask.

Alicia starts pulling out pants. I strip down and try things on next to her design space. She doesn’t have the orange ones in my size, but we go for most everything else.

“You seem like a daring person,” says Alicia, and pulls out reds, whites, and low cut tops.

Daring? Me? Never felt like it before. Maybe red pants with black painting on them will help me become daring. The see-through white ones are too out-there, but I love the pants with narrow ribbons on the side, stitched into a border of flowers running down the leg.

All the pants still seem long, though.

“They shrink to fit,” said Alicia. “Wash them inside out and dry gently. Most everything is designed to shrink an inch to an inch and a half after washing. And if not…” She holds up a pair of scissors. Sure enough, everything here is painted in such a way that the design won’t be lost.

If only shrink-to-fit applied in other areas of life. After washing, the checkbook would be balanced, the bathroom remodeled, the hurt feelings mended.

Or if not, maybe I could take scissors to a dirty kitchen

Originally Posted: 11/11/2010

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