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Ninety minutes never went by so fast.laura-christensen

Could be the contrast from house tenting, and other pre-holiday madness. Also that after a yoga retreat, with four or five hours a day on the mat, a “regular” yoga class whips by zippity doo dah.

But Laura’s is no “regular” class, so goes even faster.

Feels like old home week to have first class with Laura Christensen since the retreat in Mexico. There’s Rachel, and Dan, and Ann, all from Careyes, and more so the excellence of Laura’s teaching.

“Stretch your arms out, like you are trying to grow your fingernails for that holiday party,” she says.

The studio is packed, two over the official maximum, we are practically mat-to-mat, like beach towels on a perfect day, but no matter, everyone is happy to be here for her last class of the year. A couple of folks have driven over an hour to be here.

“These are level one poses,” she says, “but remember you don’t have to do advanced poses to get a lot out of them.”

I’m always surprised at how much yoga is like life. You can get a lot out the basics.

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