Amazing Alice….out and About…

So wonderful to have Alice back with us on the bike. “I rode three times last week and also redthe week before.” You’d never know she’s had a mastectomy and then reconstruction. In fact, I’m the one huffing and puffing here.

Still looking for peeps to ride with in Colorado. And loving my riding peeps…chicks…in California. The hills are just the same and the ocean is a beautiful. Conversation always changes, though, and one of the reasons biking is a group activity IMHO.

Somehow we got on the topic of fashion. “What is in fashion now, anyway?” asked Alice.

Maybe the pink hair gives me street cred, maybe it’s that Marcy, my roomie, is a costumer, who knows….but I gave it a go.

“Well, shirts that have lace insets. Jeggings. And bangles. And layering of necklaces, or necklaces that look like layers.” Alice and I are riding with Belinda. I’m racking my brain for more. “feathers in the hair!! Of course.” Wonder if mine are blowing out through the vents in my helmet.

“Oh, and at Jessamyn’s birthday party I got to talk with Jason Eis who’s head of denim and casual design for Victoria’s Secret. I asked Jason what’s going to be in for fall. ‘Red is going to be big,’ he said. ‘Red pants.’”

“Does that mean my red velveteen pants,” asked Alice, “that I wear to the USC games will be fashionable?”

Beat. “I’d need to have a look at them first.”

“I’ll take that as a no.”

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