Century Post-Script

Previously I ruminated here on how long it might take…. Of course it depends. How steep?weird-clock How hot? How tired? How hungry? How good the bike? How pumped up the tires? How pumped up the spirits? How many flats? How many phone calls? How many dental emergencies?

You get the idea.

So many variables, but it all comes down to how fast you ride. Alicia, this one’s for you….from Algebra class:  A x B=100, where A= miles per hour, and B=hours on the bicycle.

If you average 18 miles an hour, 100 miles will take you about five and a half hours. That’s how fast two of our group rode…NOT Jeff and me. For us, total time on the bike, nine hours. Ninety minutes rest stops, comes out to seven and a half hours pedaling.

I’d aimed for seven hours on the bike. Half an hour off. Not bad.

Thank you for all good wishes and congratulations. Not sure how much of that Jeff has gotten.

“Jeff, how much have you gotten?”

Guessing not as much as moi. Maybe he hasn’t blabbed as much. Or maybe it’s a Mars and Venus thing. I remember a few years back. Okay, seven years back when Jeff did his one-time-only marathon. He’d been running for years and years, and decided he wanted to check “marathon” off of the list.

Jeff bought the book, “Four Months to a Four-Hour marathon.” He printed the charts and training program for his office wall, his assistant even got him little gold stars. He ran and ran even though his calves drove him nuts. He stretched, and he ran. He had me ride along side while he ran. He discovered the value of Vaseline. But still his calves drove him nuts.

Closer the start time got, farther away I wanted to be from His Crankiness. I wasn’t even sure he’d do it. But as a grindstone-nose kind of guy, of course he was going to do it. Took him five hours of misery.

Few days later his best friend since elementary school called and said, “I see you didn’t make your goal.”

Seriously…a woman would NEVER say that.


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