FAQ: “How long does it take to ride your bicycle 100 miles?”

karen-rayGetting this question all the time as I prepare for the Wine Country Century next month…

Another good example for Alicia, and others, of how helpful math can be in your real live life.

If you—or I—cycle at an average of 15 miles an hour, 100 miles will take 6.67 hours. If you ride 20 miles an hour, it’s five hours. At five miles an hour, a hundred miles takes 20 hours! (Miles divided by MPH= Hours)

That is actual tush time in the saddle. Not counting pee breaks. Not counting a rest or a stretch. No built in time to change the flat tire that you sure as heck hope does NOT occur. To put your chain back on when it falls off, which you hope it won’t.

Also no built in time:

To stop and open the Clif bar you cannot manage with your teeth while you’re riding.

To refill your water bottle.

To take two Advil.

To call your spouse.

To take a picture.

To reapply sunscreen…or any number of other things you might be inclined to do to take a break.

Today I rode about forty-five miles, much of it hills. Pretty warm weather. Windy part of the time. Hard of course, but it felt good. Mostly when I was done, but also great satisfaction during in knowing I’m getting stronger.

How fast do I ride?  Depends. On the flats, average maybe fifteen. Downhill: 35 miles an hour, could be. Uphill: 7 miles an hour, could be.

How long does it take to ride 100 miles?

A long time.

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10 Responses to FAQ: “How long does it take to ride your bicycle 100 miles?”

  1. alicia says:

    Thanks for the math lesson about cycling, but as I will never be riding 15 or 20 miles an hour on a bike I will never need this info.
    As I said before any casheir will be glad to do the math for you and now there are scales in every supermarket to tell you how much the fruits and vegetables you are supposed to eat is going to cost. This is another subject I feel strongly about as I see cashier jobs being eliminated in the future so dont let me get started on that. Anyway, enjoy your cycling. It sounds like fun?????????????

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  5. Jenn says:

    I really liked this post, I was thinking of doing around 60 tomorrow and want to work up to 100. I average between 15-20 on flats so I could improve my time by a lot. I’m pretty new.

    • Karen says:

      15-20 on flats…you rockin’….thank you for the compliment. One of my most popular posts ever, so others agree. cheers,

  6. tony says:

    I looked this up because I wanted to do something crazy tomorrow on my day off. Bike 100 miles suddenly popped into my head. Maybe I’ll just do what I was going to do anyway and suck a muffler.

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