Life changes in a Moment….

caring-bridgeOur friend Dick Schlickman is still in a coma over three weeks after an awful bike accident. Medication induced coma, but still…

Much waiting-and-seeing. Each time they’ve tried wake him up matters went sideways. A little temperature, a little increase in brain pressure. He’s being watched carefully and on much support, fluid draining from his brain, breathing with ventilator, nourishment through a tube into his stomach.

And technology helps not just at the hospital. Caring Bridge is a site that helps family and friends keep up without pestering. Check it out here. Sign in and you can keep up…or if you know of someone else in a bad way, seems more than decent way to communicate. Guest book to sign in and share good wishes…

Big bike rides for me Tuesday and Today….stepping it up toward the Century. About forty miles this morning, many hills. Two intrepid companions….Cristina and Belinda. And was very careful when encountering “speed humps”, which were the seeming cause of Dick’s accident.

Been collecting little sayings….one from one of the guys who was riding with Dick when he had the accident, “Yesterday is history. Today is a gift. And tomorrow is a mystery.”


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