Clinic Photos – Day 2

We saw 142 patients today. Turnout complicated by harvest which is very much in effect. So we had a tractor visiting people in the filed and then a baby taxi would take them to our clinic so they could get back to work.


Banner for today

One time use dental instruments since we cannot clean in the field.

Every person has gum disease and poor hygiene. They gave many referrals to dentists for cleaning. They estimate from experience that only 20-30% will follow up.

Line to see GP. Many people have kidney stones.

We had a female dentist and a female gynecologist. All the doctors came from Jaipur.

No HIPPA regulations here!


Organizing made much easier by support of NGO which organized most of doctors and medications. Dentists we hired directly. Logistics always an issue in such a setting.

Van with doctors was an hour late because of cattle on the road!

Blood sugar testing

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Just a reminder… There is no cost of any kind to the individuals served.

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