Clinic Photos – Day 1

On day 1 we were able to serve more than 150 people for vision and cardiac services. There were twenty referrals for cataract surgery.

We had both female and male clinicians.

We held the clinic at the school and they had to double up on classrooms so we could use three classrooms as treatment rooms.

Thanks again to Manhattan Beach Vision and Napa Methodist Church for their donations!

Proud of his medication!

Frames with their prescriptions to be processed…


I got my eyes checked too but made sure I was last in line!

We have one more day for other medical services including gynecology, dentistry (we’ve got two dentists coming!), orthopedic, general practitioner, and physical therapy. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Just a reminder… There is no cost of any kind to the individuals served. I am not an NGO. There’s no paperwork or overhead. It’s me—and YOU—helping people who need it.

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2 Responses to Clinic Photos – Day 1

  1. Linda Carroll says:

    Bravo Karen what an amazing accomplishment ♥️

  2. Audrey says:

    Right now in the world this story gives inspiration that there is good and good people willing to make a difference for humankind. Thank you Karen for all that you do to make this world a better place!

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