What did I forget?

Soul Cycle reminds me a bit of snow skiing. So many details to remember:soul

Cycling shoes. Hair pulled back? All the way back? Ear plugs? WATER. My settings on the bike. Where is my little slip of paper with my settings? Are the weights under the bike what I want? Should I go higher or lower?Better not be late–defined as four minutes before class starts–or they will give away your bike and still make you pay for it.

All of this assumes, of course, that I signed up ahead of time.

In contrast to a yoga class, where all you need is a start time and a yoga mat.

All of those details were  handled  before Ian’s 10:30 class at Union Street. Had my bike adjusted. Ice in my water bottle from home. The chewing gum that they have sitting up front. And I even remembered to bring tissues inside to discard the gum, which I will want to do by the second song…

And yet…pedaling away before the start–“we begin in two minutes,” calls Ian, “TWO MINUTES”– I have the niggling feeling that I’ve forgotten something. What??

Head slap… my FIT BIT.

The 45 minutes in this room is maybe the most intense exercise of my week and I sure as heck want full “credit” for it. So I dash out to locker 52. My jeans pockets are empty. Sigh. And then remember that this morning I put it in the zipper pocket of my shirt.

Rip the Velcro the fastener off my cycling shoe and wedge the Fit Bit inside of it. Anywhere else and it doesn’t give me credit on the bike.

With all the many things to do this time of year…. at least I can manage the details of an exercise class.


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