img_7478Changed up my exercise routine a couple weeks ago. Finally canceled Class Pass, and have decided, for now, to alternate Soul Cycle with OnPointe Pilates.

Instead of deciding last minute, as was my habit, I go on the Soul Cycle app Monday noon when they open sign-ups for the week–this week I set an alarm and booked a class mid- hike–and instead of texting Kaitlyn for a last minute class add I’m also booking Pilates ahead.

Helps in keeping me accountable.

To myself.

Harder to stay accountable to myself than to anyone else.

The 8:30 Saturday morning Soul Cycle class was full, so I booked the 7:30, which felt a little early since I always need to walk the dogs first thing in the morning.

Friday night that 7:30 a.m. class began to feel WAY too early. Especially since it was raining and I’d have the hassle of parking the car.  Linda also invited me to an impromptu comedy show Friday night and so I made what is–for me–a shocking choice. I would just skip the 7:30 class. More shocking, I decided not to beat myself up over it. Yes I would forfeit the class fee, but at that moment, not rushing around early in the rain felt worth it. Plus I would be able to accept another impromptu invitation, breakfast with Evan with Robin.

Saturday morning at 8:23 I got a ping from Shannon. “Missed ya this morning Karen. (winky face.) noticed you were signed up on the bike next to me.”


But it made me smile. Another sign of belonging. I’ve been in San Francisco for not yet 18 months. I’ve got a dentist. Great places for both hair and nails. (Thank you, Jessamyn.) Yesterday I went to first doctor appointment. There’s the regular guy outside of Peets who I always ask to hold Greta and Marlowe when I go in for coffee.

TWO impromptu invitations in less than 24 hours. And busted for for missing an exercise class.

Always wondered how I’d know when San Francisco was really home.

Now I know.

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