Moonlight…and more

Tired of election madness? Afraid to turn on the news for fear of yet another revelation??….

How about a movie?

From what’s in theaters now, I recommend Girl on the Train, a psychological thriller, starring Emily Blunt based on the novel by Paula Hawkins. Don’t be looking for plot holes–you might fall into one–but it will keep you fully engaged and not thinking about the election for all of its 1 hour and 52 minutes.

Better yet is Moonlight, the glorious new film by Barry Jenkins. You might have to look a bit, depending on where you live, but this indie film is going wider based on amazing audience reactions and reviews….First weekend it had just a few theaters and the highest gross per screen. Now it’s in 35, going wider. Here is a link to free screenings in major cities around the country Tuesday and Wednesday.

But it’s worth every penny and more of a full price ticket.

A.O. Scott head movie critic for the New York Times says it’s the best movie of the year. Cannot remember ever caring so much about the characters.

Set in a housing project in Miami, the story follows a boy–called Little, Chiron, and finally Blackie  played by three different actors–facing the many challenges of growing up.  He has no father, his mother is on drugs, and is being bullied at school.

The neighborhood drug dealer watches Little run into a drug house to escape the bullies, and, since the boy won’t talk, takes him home for dinner. Little doesn’t talk much, but when he does you want to listen:

“What does ‘faggot’ mean?” he asks

The eloquence and heartbreak of Moonlight are impossible to overstate. I was absolutely swept away, until I noticed an unusual sound.

It was the large man, a stranger, seated next to me, reaching for his tissues.


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    Found you in NYT comments section for this film. Mind if I come visit?? L

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