Active Minutes?

My Fitbit had gone missing. IMG_6827

Sigh. I knew it was in the bedroom. I’d checked my pants pockets. The floor. The counter. The Fitbit charger, everywhere I knew to check.

Somehow seemed as if my steps and exercise didn’t “count” in the same way if I didn’t have a record of them, although of course I know that’s silly….

Kept thinking, It’ll turn up. It’ll turn up.

And finally….it did.

It fell on the floor as I was taking the laundry OUT of the washing machine. Was totally relieved to note that when I pushed the little button, it came right to life. Whew, got lucky with that one.

And then that evening I looked, as usual, to see my activity for the day. Not so many steps of course, since I had just found it mid afternoon. But there were forty “active minutes.” Interesting….what did I do this afternoon that was active? Took only a moment to realize that those active minutes were spent twirling around in the washing machine.

I had been worried about not getting credit for exercise, but didn’t think about getting unfair credit that the Fitbit got without me.


This is third in a series “Moments” about small, and not small, moments in life.

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