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Is it is Jet Lag? Or is it the Senate hearings?

Here I am newly arrived in India enjoying my favorite things about travel. Yesterday I did some learning at a grocery store in Jodhpur. Cake mixes give directions for baking in a pressure cooker, since Indian kitchens do not include … Continue reading

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Memory. Triggered.

I committed the crime 14,893 days ago. It was theft. The only time I’ve ever really stolen anything…unless you count the piece of chocolate I ate from the candy counter when I was working at Woolworth’s. I stole a towel … Continue reading

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Ice Cream for Everybody!

“I’ve got this great new plan,” says your teenager with excitement, “I’m going to make a bunch of fabulous changes in my life. “I’m going to get a car. A nice car. And I’m going to take a vacation. And … Continue reading

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Indians in Napa?

A police presence was required at a school board meeting in Napa this month. All because of a discussion of changing the high school mascot, the Indian, which a committee of the school board has recommended. Hundreds of people showed … Continue reading

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My Health Insurance Quagmire…

Do I have health insurance? Or Don’t I? I’ve been paying my premiums right along. I have a United Health Care insurance card with my name on it. And yet… There’s a wrench in the monkey somewhere. Every month on … Continue reading

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