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Why Are You Riding?

“Why are you here,” asks Ian from the podium, as we spin away in the dark at Soul Cycle on Union Street. “And don’t say for exercise. That’s a given. You can get that anywhere. What is your purpose? Your … Continue reading

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What were you doing December 22nd?

Not just December 22, but at 9:30 in the morning. Remember? It was a Thursday, just a few days before Christmas. Here in San Francisco it was cold and a bit dreary, but not raining. Do you remember yet? I … Continue reading

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Lululemon, etc.

First the confession: I have a lot of exercise clothes. Partly I work out a lot, or tell myself I do, and also the line between work out wear, and street clothes has become ever more blurry. The wicking zip … Continue reading

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Shift Happens

Fat raindrops on the window nearly obscure what’s happening outdoors. I’m sitting at JFK–warmly INSIDE– waiting for a flight. The New York trip was all about the 5 Boro bike ride this morning…in rain and cold. Note: RAIN. More than … Continue reading

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Marlowe loves his balls. Well not those balls. They’ve been gone for a while now. But tennis balls, bouncy balls, squeaky balls. He’ll chase them as long as you will throw them, MUCH longer than you will throw them.   … Continue reading

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